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Interior-Only Detailing Services

Your Sanctuary of Cleanliness, Rain or Shine

When weather or accidents disrupt your car’s interior, our Interior-Only Detailing Services step in. We’ll refresh your vehicle’s inside, creating a clean, comfortable sanctuary for every journey, rain or shine.

1. Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning of All Surfaces:

  • Bid farewell to dirt and debris with our thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning. Every surface, from carpets to upholstery, receives meticulous attention, restoring freshness to your interior.

2. Spot Treatment, Agitation, and Extraction of All Stains:

  • No stain is too stubborn for our expert team. We employ advanced techniques to treat, agitate, and extract even the most persistent stains, leaving your upholstery and carpets looking brand new.

3. Carpet, Cloth, and Fabric Shampoo and Extraction:

  • Dive deep into your car’s fabrics with our specialized shampooing and extraction process. Embedded dirt and grime are banished, leaving behind a rejuvenated interior that looks and smells wonderful.

4. Dash and Door Panel Cleaning and UV Protection:

  • Restore shine and shield against UV damage with our meticulous cleaning and protection of dashboards and door panels. Your high-traffic areas will regain their original allure, protected for the long haul.

5. Leather Cleaning and Conditioning:

  • Treat your leather seats to a spa day with our gentle yet effective cleaning and conditioning. Dirt and oils are removed, and moisture is replenished, preserving the beauty and integrity of your leather interior.

6. Window and Mirror Cleaning:

  • Enjoy crystal-clear visibility with our streak-free window and mirror cleaning. Enhance both the interior ambiance and exterior appearance of your vehicle with our meticulous attention to detail.

Experience the ultimate in interior luxury and cleanliness with our Interior-Only Detailing Services. Rain or shine, your car will be your personal sanctuary on wheels. Schedule your appointment today and indulge in the pleasure of a fresh, clean interior every time you hit the road.

Interior Vehicle Condition Grading Chart

Use this chart to help you determine the condition of your vehicle’s interior when calling for a quote or using our Online Estimate Generator:

  1. Excellent Interior Condition:
    • Immaculately clean and well-maintained interior.
    • No visible stains, dirt, or odors.
    • Upholstery and carpets are spotless and free from any signs of wear.
    • All interior surfaces, including dashboard, door panels, and console, are gleaming and dust-free.
  2. Good Interior Condition:
    • Generally clean interior with minor signs of wear.
    • Some light stains or dirt may be present but are not prominent.
    • Upholstery and carpets are in decent condition with minimal wear.
    • Interior surfaces may have some dust or light smudges but overall appear well-kept.
  3. Fair Interior Condition:
    • Noticeable signs of wear and use throughout the interior.
    • Moderate stains or dirt present on upholstery and carpets.
    • Some areas may show signs of fading or discoloration.
    • Interior surfaces may have accumulated dust, grime, or smudges.
  4. Poor Interior Condition:
    • Significant wear and tear evident throughout the interior.
    • Deep stains, ingrained dirt, or unpleasant odors may be present.
    • Upholstery and carpets are heavily soiled and may require deep cleaning or restoration.
    • Interior surfaces show extensive signs of neglect, with visible scratches, scuffs, or damage.
  5. Neglected Interior Condition:
    • Extremely dirty and neglected interior requiring intensive cleaning and restoration.
    • Heavy buildup of dirt, grime, and debris on all surfaces.
    • Strong, unpleasant odors may be present, indicating the need for thorough deodorizing.
    • Upholstery and carpets are heavily stained and may require specialized treatments to restore.

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Check out what our past customers have to say about Professional Detail Services. Our five star reviews speak for themselves.

Peter D.
Peter D.
May 30, 2024
I had a great experience with Marcus. He was able to fit a tough detailing job in on the same day I called him. I really appreciate your help and amazing work, Marcus!
L Q.
L Q.
May 28, 2024
I was searching for car wash interior services & I found several businesses. But I was lucky to find Marcus, who listen carefully to my need and be honest with me on how to clean it & how much he could do for cleaning the stain & dust in our car and outside the car as well. I like the quick response, the clear communication before & after the service & for sure the honest of what he could offer through this amazing service. I never thought the interior car will back as new I highly recommend this service by Marcus who did great job. I surprise that he could work on my car in cloudy day and I received my car and the seats are dry ready to picked up with that confident. I dropped off the car at 9:00-9:15 am & picked it up at 3:30-4:00 pm at Sunday. Thanks Marcus you are honest and carful with your customers as well as your amazing services. If you are student, Marcus will offer you a special discount. Good luck.
KianaH H.
KianaH H.
May 19, 2024
I reached out to this place because someone threw up all over my new car, Marcus was able to help me same day, he replied to my message in a timely manner and explained the process... he did an amazing job detailing my car, I got the car back and it looks literally brand new again. Im super happy and definitely recommend them!!
Rica L.
Rica L.
May 15, 2024
Marcus helped get the grease stains off the passenger seat of our car. I brought our car over to his place and he drove me to the nearby shopping complex while waiting for him to finish his job. He then picked me back up after an hour and our seat looked great again. He even told me to not hesitate to contact him again if I happen to see a little bit of stain that might not have been removed and was unnoticeable during that time.
Matthew S.
Matthew S.
May 1, 2024
Marcus pays great attention to detail (fitting for a detail service) and makes the process very convenient for clients. He was willing to work around my busy schedule and even gave me a ride to and from home since I'm local in Irvine. He's also very friendly and transparent. Definitely give him a try!
Chris E.
Chris E.
April 16, 2024
I just bought a used car that was absolutely filthy on the inside, Marcus was able to restore the car and remove the smell for a reasonable price. If your car's interior is destroyed, stained, crusty, filthy, etc. I cannot recommend this company enough. I am beyond satisfied!
Jessica W.
Jessica W.
January 20, 2024
If you are in need of auto detailing services, then look no further! Marcus is knowledgeable, thorough, efficient, and fair. We were in need of an engine bay detailing service for my older vehicle. From years of parking outside and normal vehicle usage, Marcus was able to get my engine bay looking brand new as if it just came off the production line. He even placed a critter deterrent on the car battery to prevent wildlife from making a home and causing any further damage. He is the go-to guy for all of your auto detailing needs. 5 stars across the board!!
Daniel C.
Daniel C.
January 20, 2024
Marcus did an amazing job of professionally detailing the interior of my car! I can't thank him enough. My daughter threw up her Mac and cheese dinner all over the back passenger side of the car. I tried to clean it up myself by getting rid of the stuff that I could see. However, the smell lingered in the car, and it got to the point where the rest of us couldn't ride in the car. I am pretty sure that my wife and kids were scared to ride in the car due to the smell. It just smelled so bad. I thought that the smell would eventually go away, but when it didn't, I realized I needed some professional help. That is when Marcus stepped in. Right from the beginning, Marcus was very attentive to listening to what happened. After taking in the entire story, he examined the area and showed me many places where I had missed in my cleaning of the vehicle. He explained what he was going to do and the related costs, which were reasonable considering he was taking care of biological waste (it was not pretty). He was also completely honest and upfront that the smell might not completely go away with just a clean. He told me that to I would need to do an ozone treatment to combat the smell. I decided to go with the clean first, and if the smell didn't go away, I would do the ozone treatment. After Marcus cleaned the area and the rest of the interior, it seemed like the car was completely brand new. There was no visible signs of the throw up anywhere! However, there was still a very faint smell, which Marcus also noticed too. He offered to do the ozone treatment, but he also suggested to get as much fresh air into the vehicle to get rid of the lingering smell. After driving around with the windows open, I can happily report that Marcus was right! The faint smell completely disappeared, and there is no longer any fear from my wife or kids about riding in the car again. So I would highly recommend Marcus and his company to anyone seeking to get there car back into its original, clean condition! He does an excellent job!
Z J.
Z J.
January 6, 2024
Marcus is really professional and friendly. He drove to where I live to take a look at the car and evaluate how much effort he needs to do. He offered drop off service after we drove the car to his place. Although our car is a used car, he made our car super clean and looks shiny. I will definitely come back and let Marcus wash our other cars. I will also recommend him to my friends.
Jack Q.
Jack Q.
January 5, 2024
Marcus and professional detail service did an absolutely wonderful job for my interior detailing. I went to get a strong odor removed and get the inside of my car detailed as well. He was very up front and honest, which I appreciated . When I picked up my car later that day, Marcus had gone above and beyond to make my car look and smell brand new again. I cannot recommend Marcus enough for the amazing job he did, and he was an absolute pleasure to do business with!